Factors to consider when choosing a reliable car rental service

A car rental agency is a firm that leases out vehicles for a specific period. These agencies are usually patronized by tourists, students, and visitors who want to move around while in the country. With the thousands of car rental agencies around, sometimes it could be confusing for people who want to rent a car. If you need a car in Costa Rica, here are some factors to consider when choosing a car rental agency.

The present condition of the car

The first thing that a potential car rental should look is what is the status of the car you want to hire. The car should be clean, have no visible scratches, and be in mint condition. At Jumbo Car car rental agency, you will get neat cars that are well-maintained. All the cars at this car rental agency undergo regular service and checks to make them more appealing to customers.

Condition of the engine

While the physical condition of the car should be the first thing to look at when renting a car, never ignore the engine condition. A car might be beautiful and appealing but have a faulty engine, if you rent such a car, you will have problems on the road. Ensure that the vehicle engine is ideal and has no problems. Also, check things such as brake, clutch, and suspensions before taking the car. Ask, the rental service for a comprehensive maintenance record of the car and check for any red flags.


After checking how the car looks and the engine status, check the rental rates. The cost to rent a car in Costa Rica differs from one dealer to another. Also, you have to consider if they are 4WD or 2WD, or other car brands. To get an idea of how much far rentals cost in Costa Rica, check online for numerous vehicle rental agencies and compare their rates.

Moreover, while some rental services accept structured payments, others only take a one-off payment before they can give you the keys. Choose the price that suits your present finances and don’t be too frugal, good cars worth every penny!


Mileage is another factor that is crucial when it comes to renting a car. Car rental services keep cars with different miles. The car mileage shouldn’t be too much when it comes to renting a car. The ideal mileage for a good car should be around 20,000 to 30,000 mileages. Anything higher than that is risky and you should be wary of that.

Car age

Vehicle rental companies in Costa Rica have a huge collection of cars of different ages. While some have cars as old as 10 years, others only have new models of cars. The best rental service in the country only leases cars from 2021 upward. A recently made car offers more promise than cars above 10 years.

Car brands

You should also check the models and brands of the cars you wish to rent. You should stick to popular brands like Toyota, Sedan, Mitsubishi, Honda, and Benz. The main reason for this is that parts are easily accessible and if they develop faults on the road, you can easily find mechanics that will fix them.


Another factor you shouldn’t ignore when renting a car is if they come with an insurance policy. Only take cars that have valid insurance policies which are comprehensive. When a car passes all other factors but isn’t insured, you can tell the rental agency to either help you with reliable insurance companies in Costa Rica or they should insure it themselves. An insured car saves you the stress of loss when you have an accident or problem on the road.

Number of Drivers

When renting a car, you will be asked by the rental agency, how many people will have access to the car. This is to know if they are experienced. To avoid any misunderstanding, try to keep drivers at a minimum. Aside from this, always be transparent with these rental agencies and let them know if you and your spouse will drive the car or your 20-year-old kid. You should also try to provide other drivers’ documentation so that the rental agency will know they are capable.

Terms and Conditions

Many people make the mistake of hurriedly skipping through the rental agencies’ terms and conditions, this is a bad idea. Ensure you always read the terms attached to the document because they might come to haunt you later. While some of the rental agencies in Costa Rica have very flexible t & c, others are stringent. Also, these terms will list extra charges you will pay if anything happens to the rented car. Take your time to read the terms before signing up.

When you are in Costa Rica, it is in your best interest to use a reliable car rental service. However, not all rental companies are reliable, therefore ensure you follow the above-mentioned factors for a good experience.